Buckhead Blend


For our first blend, we wanted to pay tribute to our home and where it all began… Buckhead, Atlanta. For us, this is where we bought our first home. This is where we shop, play, run, bike, and do life. And since we are always on the move, this is where we sit in a…

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When I began to reconsider coffee with almond milk

By Lisa Cessna, A Coffee Roaster’s Wife A few weeks ago, Matt and I had the opportunity to leave our Atlanta nest and visit coffee origin. During this unforgettable experience, we immersed ourselves in everything coffee.  Central America grows and processes a sweet, smooth, and fruity coffee that is as complex as their people and…

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Episode 4: Finding Your Faves – A Guide to the Coffee Flavor Wheel

Hello again! Within blog posts 2 and 3 we learned the basics of brewing, whether with the Chemex, French Press or some other process you’ve chosen. Hopefully, you have had the chance to play around with the coffee to water ratio (anything from 1:14 to 1:18 is reasonable and has an impact on the “strength”…

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Episode 3: The Pro Kit Brewing Guide – Chemex

Invented in 1941 with it’s tapered glass, wood handle and leather cord, the Chemex design is iconic and timeless. In fact, it is actually a part of the MOMA permanent design collection. Lisa, our Chief Kindness Officer, prefers this method because it brews a beautiful, balanced and clean cup with delicate aromas. What you need:…

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Episode 2: The Starter Kit Brewing Guide – French Press

Learning to brew with a French Press is very simple and forgiving. The classic and well-engineered design has not changed much since its invention in 1929. It is perfect for making several cups of coffee in about 5 minutes. The method produces a rich, full-bodied, dense and heavy cup. Matt, our Chief Freshness Officer, takes…

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Episode 1: A Fresh Start – Welcome from the ATL and preview of what is to come

Hello from ATL! We are excited that you are here with us. We have so much to share with you and can’t wait to get into it. Before we really get going though, we want to take a minute to introduce ourselves. The ATL RSTRY team started as a small group of friends and family…

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