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For our first blend, we wanted to pay tribute to our home and where it all began… Buckhead, Atlanta. For us, this is where we bought our first home. This is where we shop, play, run, bike, and do life. And since we are always on the move, this is where we sit in a lot of traffic. But alas, this is our sophisticated, busy, hustle, bustle northern cusp of Atlanta and we love it.  In order to truly honor our city, Matt intentionally and deliberately blended some of our very favorites. The goal was not just to make a truly incredible coffee but also to bring out flavors and taste that equally matched some of the qualities we love about our home.

At first we weren’t sure if we wanted to blend our favorite beans.
Over the years, blends have received a bad reputation for being a way to combine cheaper coffees with more expensive specialty beans to reduce costs and create consistency. However, we were passionate about continuing to use the best quality of beans and blend simply as a way to create a unique, signature Buckhead cup. We humbly hoped that this blend would be more than the sum of its parts. We are confident that you will also taste the different qualities playing off each other like the complexity of Buckhead in a beautiful way.

We began the cupping process to determine the taste we wanted to bring to you, Atlanta. We were looking for layers of complex vibrancy with sweetness and sophistication. Buckhead is known for its cosmopolitan thriving economy, delicious southern food, beautiful homes and apartments, rolling hills and thriving nightlife. We knew this blend had to match with sweetness, grit, intricacy, charm and bold southern sass. Did you know the name “Buckhead” comes from a story that Henry Irby, the guy that bought this North Atlanta land in 1838, killed a large buck deer and prominently placed the head right in the middle of town? Bold. But hey, if it’s yours.

After tinkering with different beans and ratios, we landed on blending 2 of our favorite African beans from Ethiopia and Kenya and 2 of our favorite Central American beans from Guatemala and Costa Rica.  We chose to balance these African beans with ripe fruit, high acidity and light body with our smooth Central American beans that have a hazelnut cocoa finish, molasses sweetness and full, velvety caramel mouth feel.

Buckhead Blend 2


Buckhead Blend Farms:

Ethiopia – Ying Dumerso

Kenya Nyeri Karuthi

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul – Familia Perez

Costa Rica Helsar – Miguel Rojas

Recently, Matt and I spent time at Restoration Atlanta (RATL), a home for women and children transitioning out of homelessness in Atlanta. We ate lasagna, played bingo for prizes and danced in the dining room. Despite hardship that we can’t fully comprehend, these Atlanta children were alive with energy, laughter and joy. They say, “Our goal is to bring individuals from all walks of life together for a unique and interactive mission experience, where both physical and spiritual restoration are received by all. We believe ministry and worship that unite young people from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds will inspire transformation and advance the Kingdom in Atlanta and beyond.” The children surely, without knowing, were inspiring and transforming us. For every Buckhead Blend bag you buy, $1 will go towards Restoration Atlanta. Whether you are drinking your cup right here in Buckhead or wherever you call home, I hope you feel the world getting smaller and perhaps a little more connected.


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