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New Grounds Series

Episode 3: The Pro Kit Brewing Guide – Chemex

Invented in 1941 with it’s tapered glass, wood handle and leather cord, the Chemex design is iconic and timeless. In fact, it is actually a part of the MOMA permanent design collection. Lisa, our Chief Kindness Officer, prefers this method because it brews a beautiful, balanced and clean cup with delicate aromas. What you need:…

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Episode 2: The Starter Kit Brewing Guide – French Press

Learning to brew with a French Press is very simple and forgiving. The classic and well-engineered design has not changed much since its invention in 1929. It is perfect for making several cups of coffee in about 5 minutes. The method produces a rich, full-bodied, dense and heavy cup. Matt, our Chief Freshness Officer, takes…

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