Episode 3: The Pro Kit Brewing Guide – Chemex

Invented in 1941 with it’s tapered glass, wood handle and leather cord, the Chemex design is iconic and timeless. In fact, it is actually a part of the MOMA permanent design collection. Lisa, our Chief Kindness Officer, prefers this method because it brews a beautiful, balanced and clean cup with delicate aromas.

What you need:

Items Included in Pro Kit:

Chemex Brewer
Burr Grinder
Kettle for Hot water (205 degrees)
Fresh Coffee
Chemex Filters (100 included)

Items Not Included in Pro Kit:

Stir stick or small wooden spoon (as to not break the glass)


Step 1:

Using your kettle, heat your water to 205 degrees (Bring to a boil then let rest 45 seconds)

Step 2:

Unfold your Chemex filter and place it in your Chemex, ensuring that the triple-fold portion is against the pour spout and the single fold is opposite.

Step 3:

Dampen filters and preheat Chemex brewer with hot water by filling it partially. This creates heat to keep the coffee warmer longer.

Step 4:

Weigh or measure out your coffee. We recommend a 1:16 ratio of coffee to water. For an 8-cup Chemex, we recommend 45 grams of coffee to 720 grams of water. This makes 25 ounces of coffee, perfect for two people.

Step 5:

Grind your coffee to a medium-coarse setting, something similar in size to kosher salt, slightly finer than the grind used for a French Press.

Step 6:

Pour the hot water out of the Chemex (discard) then add the coffee grounds. Shake the Chemex to flatten the coffee, which will ensure even saturation.

Step 7:

Gently add about 150 grams of water, enough to fully wet all the grounds. Stir to ensure even saturation and no dry spots. Wait about 45 seconds for the coffee to bloom. A large bloom is a sign of fresh coffee!

Step 8:

After 45 seconds of wetting the grounds, pour additional 285 grams (435 total grams on scale) of water using a spiral pattern from the middle to the outside, ensuring not to pour directly onto the filter.

Step 9:

Allow the slurry (water and coffee grounds) level to sink to 1inch above the bottom of the filter. Then, pour the final 285 grams (720 total grams on scale) of water in the same inside-out spiraling pattern to ensure even saturation.

Step 10:

Allow the water to drip through the grounds entirely. In total, steps 6 through 9 should take between 3.5 and 4.5 minutes from start to finish. If yours was faster, use a finer grind next time. If slower, use a more coarse grind next time.

Serve and enjoy!

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