Episode 1: A Fresh Start – Welcome from the ATL and preview of what is to come

Hello from ATL! We are excited that you are here with us. We have so much to share with you and can’t wait to get into it. Before we really get going though, we want to take a minute to introduce ourselves. The ATL RSTRY team started as a small group of friends and family with a passion for great coffee. Like many of you, our experiences in coffee early on were far from great. We still remember all too clearly the early days of our coffee consumption…powering through some of our parents’ old tin can coffee that is over-roasted, bitter and flavorless.

Unfortunately, most of the coffee commonly available for us still to this day is very similar. In fact, some of the most popular coffee consumed is intentionally over-roasted and stored until it becomes stale enough to put into a small airtight pod. Fans of fresh coffee know that when coffee is freshly roasted it is emitting gases that would make storage in one of these pods impossible.

We want to provide you with a better experience, and it is so easy! Think about it, there are few things you do more consistently and repeatedly as drinking your morning coffee. By taking a few extra minutes and a minimal amount of money, a completely new world can be unlocked that brightens up your mornings. We are here with the key!
As a preview of what is to come, we are going to publish some brew guides for both the Starter Kit and Pro Kit that are available on our website. We will also take some time to introduce you to the coffee flavor wheel to help you find your perfect cup. Few realize that coffee is the most chemically complex food we ingest. In fact, coffee contains 2 to 3 times as many flavor compounds as wine. The tasting notes of coffee reveal an incredible world of different experiences.

Our primary goal is to introduce you to better experiences that brighten your day and we will spend extra time in our future blog posts to get you there. So, check back regularly and stay in contact with us to learn more.

Also worth noting here as we get to know each other, our secondary goal is to leave the world a better place because of our presence. For those of you that know us well, you already know that we have a passion for helping others. Lisa, our do-it-all leader and Chief Kindness Officer, takes the lead on all things social impact. One of the many passions we both have is to improve the financial literacy of those in our city. We will take some time in future posts to talk about our “Bean Counter” initiative and will give you an opportunity to get involved. We are also passionate about the social impact of the coffee business. We have a trip scheduled in January to visit Central America to work directly with coffee farmers and to ensure that all of our products are sourced sustainably and responsibly. Many posts will cover that topic as well.

So, lots to come in the near future. Cheers to a Fresh Start with ATL RSTRY. As always, we love hearing directly from you and welcome your input on how we can improve your mornings and the world in which we live.
Let’s get brewing!

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